Origin Story

What is Her Coloring Book?

It's an act of ooey gooey self love, a head first dive into the feminine and her uninhibited declaration of humanity. It's coloring pages of original art charged with soul, desire, and play just like you.

The original Her Coloring Book started because women in my life kept asking me if they could color in my drawings and sketches. Before we knew it, we were kicking back with wine, art, and laughter at our own coloring soirees and thus an entire book was born.

Women have ordered the book and emailed me about how much peace and creativity they felt when coloring the art with their friends, mothers, and daughters.  Now, a year later, Her Coloring Book keeps finding its way into the hands of women around the world. 
Who's the Artist?

My name is Morgan Carson and I create fine art and coloring books. My inner wise woman paints on canvases while my inner child dances with markers and crayons, and somehow all of me finds an outlet in my art..

Where Else Can I Find Your Art?
@hercoloringbook on Instagram. To see my fine art go to morgancarson.com.

I was always a painter...

I just hadn't seen in color yet.